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Additionally, if you are a householder and you take all the services, we will change all the light bulbs in your house to the very latest instant on and fully dimmable LED's and install them. They are also guaranteed for life so you will never need to buy a light bulb again.

The average cost of this is £300 - £500 per house. The likely savings in your electricity bill will be in the region of 11%.

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Domestic Utilities

We are partnered with the nations most trusted provider for our Domestic services.

We offer the following services:

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Here at Utility Warehouse, we're different from the rest. In fact, we're unique! We’re the only place you can get your Energy, Home Phone, Broadband and Mobile services, all bundled together. By combining services, we're able to keep costs low and make life easier for our members. You'll have just one monthly bill for all your utilities, making budgeting easier and putting you in control of your spending.

South East Essex Utilities offer a bespoke service for all your utility requirements

Gas, Electricity, Telephone, Broadband and Mobile

We specialise in both domestic and comercial premises